About Us

  “You are never too old to wish upon a star” ~Disney. For two busy moms from Mitchell, SD, this saying couldn’t be more appropriate. Laura Miller and Ann Schmidt, the owners of Two Dreams Boutique, began building their friendship over 15 years ago. Laura is the mother of two daughters and is married to Allan. Ann is the mother of 2 daughters, 2 sons, and is married to Jeff. After spending countless hours together through the activities of their kids, these two moms decided to venture from their chosen careers and forge a new path together in the fashion world. They had both thought of pursuing a new career and were surprised to discover that their two individual dreams were very similar. With the birth of Two Dreams Boutique, they are hoping to provide on trend, yet modest clothing for teenagers through mature women. From Laura’s business knowledge and Ann’s creativity, Two Dreams have become a reality. The name itself not only reflects the convergence of these two friends’ dreams, but their pursuit of a second rewarding career- a career that will bring them joy and excitement and make their wish upon that star come true.   



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